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The numbers are overwhelming. The International Coaching Federation (ICF) released a Global Coaching Client study (June 2009). Their findings conclude that 96.2 percent of clients would repeat their coaching experience and 98.9 percent were satisfied with it. They also found the key differentiator for the industry is that clients embrace coaching as an “action plan” rather than an exploration of their issues.
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The success of coaching has been in the press a lot lately. NBC, Business Week, Forbes, MTV and many more have jumped on the story. The interest in coaching is high and the demand for coaches even higher.

With the world in recession, people are facing challenges we have not seen in generations. I believe this is why coaching is making a splash in the news right now. It offers hope. It is solution focused. It is an action plan.



 fast effectiveSave valuable time and money whether you seek career placement, advancement or support through transition such as a divorce. Stop wasting time.

Coaching gets you from
  want to be 
in a linear manner. The coach offers a framework while providing clarity, support and structure. It is an individual process getting you on the most efficient course to your destination. In this time, can you afford NOT to try coaching?




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“I help professionals in career and life transitions save valuable time and money by clarifying their direction and accelerating them toward their goals.”  – Patty